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He is enough to know that you saved the life of its father. Nobody in the face of the Land would have equal fact. The love was only capable! It looked at and it saw the father with the full eyes of tears. Fast reasoning, asked: _ And it, where is? _ The military had taken care of of it! He informed the doctor. _ As was, sergeant? Account pra me! _ Ah, you do not go to want a report, now, right? _ Clearly! After all, who is the commission agent, in this joa? _ Is you, but for the time being it is moved away, for disability! _ And substituted who me? _ I Was! _ Takes Me the job and now it comes with tapeao of namoro, right? You the good one! _ And who said that I want to namorar with you? It is alone to avenge pra me of the questions that I made and you did not answer! It only saw? _ You! Therefore pra to only chatear, I go to more early leave daqui what vocs they think! While they played in the game of the words, they had not perceived that new personage heard the colloquy, of the door.

When Alberto if was silent, decided to pronounce itself: _ Vou to wait pra a seresta! _ Excellency, who pleasure! Alberto cried out. _ Excellency? They had asked, while they were turned toward the door and they gave of face with the governor. Confused, the ones knew that it had been without knowing what to make, but it broke the tension, coming close itself to the stream bed and, taking the hand of the youngster, said: _ Desculpe, Alberto, if I did not come more early, but it is that it was total impossible to come before.