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The College of Carabobo State administrators has not complied with that statement, at least what are concerned with the students of the last semesters of the career of administration, these being precisely those who are unaware of the powers and functions of the school; It is well known that both the College’s administrators, as well as the school of business administration at the University of Carabobo no relations, at least not at the level that should be (visits to the school of administration of the University, lectures, permanent information, advice) that will enable the future licensed in Administration pride itself on its college even before leaving your House of study. In research that has made the program of quality management and productivity of the Area of postgraduate Faces of the University of Carabobo on the feel, appreciation, perception about the College of Carabobo administrators in field work with a sample of students graduates from the school of administration in order to assess the opinion of those who believe are key stakeholders to belong to the Guild, as well as diagnose and assess the evolution of the Guild, its vision and goals, as well as their main characteristics, analyze the legal aspects, theoretical bases which will give you an idea about the organizational context that envelops this entity was obtained that weaknesses that the Board of Directors of the College must take very seriously: the lack of physical plant suitable for operationlack of presence as a trade union body in the main places of interest, such as for example the University of Carabobo school administration, Business Sector, communities; absence of an effective official spokesperson for maintaining the members, about of, inter alia, information of a legal nature related to the race (administrative career Act), events, seminars, changes in school, employment opportunities, etc. The human resource is mentioned as strengths. There is no presence of the Trade Union body on sites where their participation (University of Carabobo School of management) is required. Approaches to any situation affecting administrative science professionals generally are made later generally the Guild is not taken into account, for example, has not been analyzed with seriousness, the separation of the schools of management and accounting, to mention one. Permanent information there usually which must emanate from the Federation on aspects that affect future graduates in management and there is no feedback in this regard (opinion professionals). I expect that the current directive is more proactive and rescue school and lead him to that role which so much is expected of him. We will rely to do so. Original author and source of the article.

Natural Laboratory

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This Venezuelan archipelago reported more than 90% of the species of coral in the Caribbean Sea and is an important source of larvae of coral for the rest of the marine ecosystems of the environment, Los Roques Venezuela two worlds a paradise. From the air, the small islands that make up the Venezuelan archipelago of Los Roques, show us a tasty appetizer: white sandy beaches lapped by crystal-clear water of endless scales of Blues and Greens that can not hide the splendour of their coral reefs. Los Roques is an orchard that arises in the Caribbean, more than 150 miles from the northern coast of Venezuela, which shares exoticism with other dream destinations of the area such as Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire. 200 cays and 42 islets make up this natural paradise bathed by warm ocean waters ranging between 25 and 30 C. Its geographical location and its extraordinary environmental conditions, make this place a true paradise for divers, where hundreds of species of tropical fish, corals, crustaceans and sponges live in This sort of natural laboratory. The intense blue of the sky, the lush Sun and warm and clean waters are, at first glance, the great performers of the Symphony daily of the archipelago, although, arguably, the main protagonist is nature, preserved within a special protected area called Los Roques National Park, of more than 200,000 hectares.

The richness of species in the waters of los Roques Archipelago is impressive. In the park there are two barriers of reefs and 57 coral cays that possess tremendous biological, ecological, physiographic and scenic value. Abundant and varied marine fauna that inhabits these waters constitutes, without doubt, rich and important natural resources all the archipelago. One of the benefits offered by the waters of Los Roques for lovers of scuba diving is to be prohibited fishing industry, what is offered to the visitors is a sea and a Virgin, completely intact fauna.

Social Inclusion

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Agreement of collaboration gold and Opencor Opencor euros and gold for Euros, the leading company in Spain’s purchase of gold at a distance, have signed a collaboration agreement, by which Opencor will host a display of gold for Euros in their business premises. In these stands, Opencor customers may inform the characteristics and advantages of selling the gold jewelry you no longer use to get cash using gold for Euros. In each store, a commercial story of gold for two minutes Euros inform stakeholders quick and simple procedure. Users wishing to written information, have an explanatory brochure with a freephone to request the information pack, which includes a standard container for jewels and a contract of sale. The freephone number is 900 828 011. For greater discretion and convenience, the client does not have to carry your jewelry at the Mall, if not that gold by EUR puts at your disposal a free service and secured messaging that will pick up the package at any place of the country.

The valuation will be rigorous and quickly, thanks to the official Center of pricing of gold Euros, thus eliminates the middlemen and allows you to enter the money directly into the seller’s account within 24 hours. In addition, euro-gold offers the assurance that, if the person concerned is not satisfied, you have 15 days to recover their gold jewelry. About EUR-EUR gold-gold is the leader in Spain of long-distance gold jewellery purchase. Thousands of satisfied customers guarantee their highest quality service, where they offer the highest security and best price for the value of the jewels of gold. They have a center official appraisal itself in which all the jewels are verified and priced according to the official price of gold, and with a group of experts which guarantee total discretion and payment within 24 hours. Source: Press release sent by gold for Euros. Experts meeting VII: the role of the social initiative in areas with social transformation needs A Favor of the Social Inclusion: Integractua! Experts worldwide participated in the fourth meeting of Informatics and management Maulee.CL orthopedic Manual physical therapy experts reveal their function to prevent future diseases Aragon investigates