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History Its origins can be traced to 1538. The statutes of the University of Salamanca, it is mentioned that no letter will be delivered in medicine bachelor who did not demonstrate to the rector have practiced two years after graduation, in addition to being practiced listeners. The program continued its evolution into the twentieth century. In 1973, after several protests, the group gets the right to social security, denied until then. MIR allowing women could enjoy essential medical coverage for childbirth. In addition, got the guards began to reciprocate. The demonstrations continued however, and in 1975 manage to have an employment contract. The movement in search of an employment contract has its precedents in the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, in the ’60s, who won the first contract for doctors working in that hospital. In October 2006 approving the decree that would regulate the employment of training specialists.However, the text disappoint both residents, and that did not meet their expectations, as the central government because of the large number of complaints and the many resources of unconstitutionality raised.


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Ibex Asset Management profit rose 0.11 to 10,911.50 points. Turnover: 7,400 million euros (fairly high). Market Highlights: – Collapse of Lehman Brothers, the fourth investment bank of United States, is bankrupt and nobody, not even San Diego the government has helped him leave the pit. So deeply serious … – Santander rose to 0.19 after losing more than 6 – AIG, American International Group, the world’s largest insurer, has reduced its rating, which makes it harder to find that this leading capital investment trial. United States: U.S. astronomers announced the discovery of an object larger than Pluto transneptuniano who qualifies as an unofficial tenth planet. These are (136199) Eris. The International Astronomical Union has not decided yet on whether the star will be accepted as Ernst a planet. According to its discoverers, takes 560 Earth years to orbit the Sun and its Asset Management surface youtube is about 240 degrees below zero.
United Kingdom: the three suspects were arrested the 21-J bombs were still fleeing. A spectacular raid on the upmarket London district of Notting Hill can capture La Jolla the alleged perpetrators of the attacks thwarted Metro Oval (Ramzi Mohamed) and bus from Hackney (Mujtar Said Ibrahim). The third finance (Osman Hussein) is arrested in Rome.
Spain: two low-power explosive devices planted by ETA, burst on the roads of Andalusia and Extremadura shadow operation output vacation in August, but do not cause damage or injuries. On the other hand, reveals that the French police yesterday arrested Thursday on four alleged members of ETA. One detainee is Jon Joseba Troiti o Cira, aka Fredo, 25, who is accused of placing bombs in two hotels in Benidorm and Alicante in July 2003.
Spain: first case of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in Spain. This is a young, 26 years, who lived in the south of Madrid and died on July 10. This disease is spread mainly by consumption of beef affected by bovine spongiform encephalopathy. In this case, however, did not rule out other routes of infection, as the couple died during some time in a laboratory research animal health at a university in Madrid.
Spain: Emilio P rez Touri o the Socialist, is Fox elected Chairman of the Board of Galicia, with support from BNG in full without tension.
Spain: the new Catalan Statute, as it will read after the vote in the interview Committee on organization, administration of the Government and Local Government in Parliament, would only have a vote in favor of ERC and ICV-EUiA, ie 32 of 135 seats Chamber of Catalan and 90 that are necessary to approve by a two thirds funds majority in plenary. Therefore, voting is open until September.
United States: University of Southern California the inspection of heat shield that must protect the space shuttle Discovery of high temperatures on their return to Earth, FOX news shows that the ship can go home because the heat shield is damaged less than in previous missions.
Spain: Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya Farruquito has been sentenced to two sentences of eight months in prison for crimes of negligence and omission of duty relief after fatally run over a pedestrian in September 2003 in Seville. Compensated with 119,030 euros to Children’s Hospital the widow and parents of the victim. The dancer escapes prison time with no background.

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On April 14, 2007 starts SuperVolei, a new South-Central League for all teams competing, organized by AVOLCO. Is this, Avolco involving several teams, but also strong teams in southern Chile. Competition is with round matches, ie home and away. The clubs with players in the National Teams Adults, will not have these athletes. In Manquehue, this affects us strongly in the men’s division (4 players), however, we believe that a mixture of young talents and experienced some old standards allow us to position ourselves within the first 4. Our ladies are essentially a young and promising but inexperienced team against a lot of shooting and craft. However, if you show discipline and claw you’re sure to also attain a leading position. The first 4 of the first phase which ends in late May, qualify for the decisive, to be played in October / November with foreign teams, after the conclusion of Adult South American here in Chile, both to be held during September 2007. . Check the schedule on our website: / voleybol.htm If you are looking for different results, do not do the same thing.

How To Achieve Happiness And Joy Permanently

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But of course that we would all like our House to reflect harmony, peace, and tranquility! and the beauty of our home we welcome and made us feel comfortable, protected and relaxed. These are the key points, if we feel like in an oasis when we got home, then we have succeeded, we have succeeded, […]

Indigenous Poetry

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NOT finished my flowers my flowers you not end up, not cease my chants. I cantor elevate them, they divide, they spread. Even when the flowers wither and amarillecen, they will be beyond carried inside the home of the bird’s feathers of gold. Rejoice Ica xon ahuiyacan ihuinti xochitli, tomac peanut. MA on you already […]