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LinguaTV Brings Movement Into The Foreign Language Training

Posted by Carlota on January 21, 2015 with Comments Closed
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Session on the topic of video on the languages & professional 2009 fluent English and yet a further foreign language master demo. Additionally, the intercultural competence in several cultures sent to move. These are the skills, which are an indispensable prerequisite for professional success and career not only in companies but also in small and medium-sized enterprises. Online videos are the current media use: 3 of 4 German Internet users watch videos are online. According to a comScore study, the Germans consume 233 million hours of online video per month; These are on average 4 videos per day. But modern audiovisual teaching material is rare, though it has proven to be a positive influence on the success of learning. Experts certify new formats, such as entertaining video clips in this context much potential. And video training in the field of foreign language learning also the 8th languages & professional 2009, Conference for foreign languages and international business picks up communications in Dusseldorf the trend.

There shows LinguTV as video training specifically can insert in the teaching of foreign languages and even cost savings. In accordance with the saying a picture says more than a thousand words.”shares the value of video to text, photo, and audio LinguTV and transfers also gestures and facial expressions, which constitute an integral part of language and culture in addition to new vocabulary and correct pronunciation. Finally, moving images offer the advantage that they authentic situations realistically depict, complicating matters, such as grammar, explain more vivid and the viewer leave a stronger impression than text – and photo-based educational materials. Still interactivity is added, it is possible to actively involve the viewer in the training. Our videos tell stories that involve the viewer emotionally”, describes Philip Gienandt linguatv the concept. The viewers can identify with the story and the characters, because he knows the same situations.” In the demo session video applications in the language training” “LinguTV is on Tuesday, 16 June, 16:30 applications and advantages of using the example of VideoTrainings business English” before. About LinguTV: The Berliner LinguTV GmbH offers an innovative foreign language training with entertaining videos and interactive exercises (edutainment). “LinguTV 2008 German IPTV Award” awarded and won the world supported by the United Nations as the world’s best eContent Summit Award 2009 “in the category e-learning & education”. Users of the globally accessible Internet platform can learn currently as a foreign language such as English, business English, French, Spanish, German languages and take advantage of a wide and entertaining range. For more information,