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The Thinker

Posted by Carlota on February 3, 2017 with Comments Closed
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REINCARNATION Histories as this exists everywhere, nobody can demonstrate nothing, we only can believe or not in which they have to us counted. Mark Bertolini has much to offer in this field. But just as the deceased he is able to pronounce itself to protect or to help its loved beings, also can make it to indicate what was its previous condition in the material life, as well as the new organization that returns to be reincarnated. An example of previously exposed we can find, it in the history narrated in " The thinker progresivo" , unit appeared the 13 of December of 1,902, of where we pick up an extract. " When I knew that it found pregnant woman me, I began to intuit a strange presence, that little by little one went away making visible and which was of feminine sex, representing a greater age mine. In agreement the time was passing, that one strange relation went away fortifying, and after three months, this organization began to communicate with me, indicating an extreme interest by my state of health and situation. Later already it recognized its voice with clarity, and until I got to enjoy the long ones to char those that we maintained. Thus it was as I knew what was its name while still alive, where all a series had been born and from biographical data. It showed a great interest so that I knew all the possible envelope she, compatible of which it learned to consider it, as it indicated to me, for which arrived has to realise concerted efforts to become totally visible, it had obtained until it. From that one moment became for me a faithful friend, who would not distinguish itself of another person with physical body. It only needed to run the curtains of the stay, so that in the penumbra it could be pronounced, becoming visible at the same time as it spoke.