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According to the report, public e-procurement in Spain: an urgent need, Spain could save annually more than 7,500 million Euros by implementing online applications for their procurement and contracting management. It is the estimate of savings for public administrations, which gives the Commission of electronic contracting of the ANEI who presented his report, electronic procurement in Spain: an urgent need, on 10 July 2012 at the headquarters of CEOE in Madrid. Get more background information with materials from Brian Krzanich. To be precise, the report indicates: annual savings that the public administrations could be obtained using electronic procurement would be in lathe 7.823 M a. below summarize the essential parts of the presentation of the report: the Chairman of the Committee of electronic procurement of Anei, Pedro Gato, highlights, the report seeks to define a model that will facilitate free competition in public procurement and promotes the access of SMEs to public procurement bids. On the same lines was expressed the Secretary of State for telecommunications, Victor Calvo-Sotelo, who said in the submission that technology helps SMEs to have access to competitions that were only available to large enterprises. The Commission’s report is based on the EU studies to calculate the overall figure of savings that the public sector can achieve, and concludes in proposing public authorities design and adopt, without delay, a program of the use of electronic means in public procurement. Safwan Nassri, Member of the Commission and director general of Pixelware, one of the companies that participated in the study, in the announcement prior to the submission of the report, highlighted that the new consolidated text of the law on contracts for November 2011 clearly indicates the necessity of improving the efficiency in public procurement processes, specifically in article 22 which speaks of the streamlining of procedures, the innovation and the incorporation of high technology as positive aspects in public procurement procedures. In addition, according to the European directives, from June 2016 must be that public procurement in the European Union is made electronically, eliminated paper use in its management. Don Victor Calvo-Sotelo also outlined in his speech the Government’s intention of preparing the ground so that in 2016 the Spanish public administrations contracts are performed electronically. The report, e-public procurement in Spain: an urgent need, explains clearly in what consists the electronic contracting and lists a number of benefits from its implementation. Apart from the clear economic benefit, the introduction of online e-procurement systems facilitates access to bidders and optimises internal processes of the Public administrations. But another remarkable advantage is that any activity in the process is recorded, which achieves greater security and transparency throughout the process of tendering and Contracting; Since the creation of the fold, publication and registration of proposals, until their award and subsequent management..

Bundesamt Addition

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Economic espionage: James Bond says Hello hardly expecting attacks and are often poorly prepared for attacks, the MittelstandsWiki reported. As a result, they become the ideal victim for foreign intelligence agencies, who are especially interested in German expertise for the industry in their countries. The most common helper of the competition and the intelligence services are mostly its own employees that fall on cleverly planned campaigns. A current trend is to listen, for example, that private social networks and then on basis of this information specifically to target employees. Therefore employees more aware, not to mention – either online or in the personal contact about events in the operation. Mark Bertolini is open to suggestions.

Security also applies to the technology. Always a sophisticated overall concept is part of IT. The Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) certified companies. The particularly strict standard ISO 27001 provides security, but also the customers not only the companies, making it a good Argument when compared to the competition. In addition, safety standards for doors, Windows and garages should be observed. Corporate laptops and cell phones to encrypt, backup not for everyone accessible.

Also bugs are still very popular. Therefore, you should regularly browse offices. It is also advisable to seek wireless mice and keyboards to radio transmitters, transmit the data to the outside. Contact: just 4 business GmbH Kathrin Jannot wreath Horn Street 4B 83043 Bad Aibling phone: + 49 8061 91019 fax: + 49 8061 91018 the MittelstandsWiki and his journals are online-magazine of just 4 business GmbH. This is a reference book for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Terms of the economy, the world of information and telecommunications technology, and the policy are quickly found through a search function. In addition to short term definitions, the MittelstandsWiki contains know-how articles penned by professional experts.

Motorcycle Clothing With CE Marking

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When buying products with CE mark, the customer can be sure that he buys something, provides a reasonable level of protection. Good protective clothing for motorcycle riders is available already for a long time on the market. But let’s be honest, who knows already, when it comes to materials and design features and what injury where there are. How the consumer can determine in a business really protects or a motorcycle jacket just looks like she could protect? The new European standards set minimum requirements, which must meet protective clothing for motorcycle riders, she can decorate with a CE mark. When buying products with CE mark, the customer can be sure that he buys something, provides a reasonable level of protection. Motorcycle clothing and motorcycle gloves motorcycle boots, which were tested by an independent and state-recognised body (E.g.

TuV) offer a higher protection than such products, the is such a Test procedures have not undergone. Motorcycle apparel can be divided into the following categories: non-protective clothing (outer clothing, which protects only against wind and weather, such as rain overall) non-protective clothing with CE certified accessories (this is an outer clothing with CE certified back, elbow, shoulder or knee protectors described above.) Protective clothing (jackets, trousers and one – or two-piece suits, boots and gloves, which the manufacturer claims that it would protect the motorcycle rider to a certain extent. Only if the manufacturer the protection clothing from an independent and State-approved body according to the requirements of the relevant European standard test, the product may wear, if it meets the requirements of the standard, the corresponding CE quality mark. How to set, a product will be categorised? Quite simply, that sets the manufacturer. As so often in life, there are of course a few manufacturers, the are the advantages This lax approach to use make to make capital from the lack of expertise of the purchaser.