Administration Resources

Posted by Carlota on November 23, 2013
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Of this form the concept of Administration of Recursos appears Humanos (ARH), but with an old standard of enxergar the people, not thinking about them as productive resources, the truth the only livings creature and intelligent, capable to face so common challenges with the competitiveness between the organizations. Thus, it seems us better to speak in Administration of People to stand out the administration with the people? how partners? not on the people? as mere resources. In this new concept, three basic aspects stand out: ' ' ) The people as human beings; b) The people not as mere resources (human) organizacionais; c) The people as partners of organizao' '. (CHIAVENATO. 2002, P. 66) Still according to Chiavenato (2002, P. 66), the context of the ARH is, at the same time, changeable complex and.

A new boarding is created that would be the Management of Human resources. The first characteristic of this context is the complexity, therefore the form of if relating are different of an organization for another one. Some organizations have social, technological, cultural, legal and retrograde futurstica a vision and always look for if to adjust to this model, while others do not perceive the great changes that they see happening of form continues in the economic aspects. One of the main challenges administrators ahead of this scene he is ' ' to move the people for the direction, for the value who recognize in its contribution to the joint task that they play in empresa' ' , (ANGELONI. 2008, p.14) is to motivate the individuals to move, in the direction of if getting organizacional change on a large scale. The word motivation drift of Latin motivus, movere. ' ' In its general direction, the word indicates the process by which the human being is stimulated, stimulated or energized for some type of reason or razo' '.