Affordable Housing

Posted by Carlota on March 1, 2015
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Location of production in the region will greatly enhance efficiency of delivery to the construction sites at a lower cost. Many enterprises in the field of creating new production with the use of modern technology. In 2007, OOO “Lepse-Sloboda” opened technological line for production of structural insulated panels (CFT) for low-rise housing in the city of Kirov. And it is not surprising, as in 2007 the Russian government in the national project “Affordable Housing” has made a bet on the construction of low-rise housing. It is this type of construction, according to Vladimir Putin, have all chances to solve the eternal issue of housing in Russia. On the material itself must be say the following. PTS consists of two particle board made from softwood veneer.

Between them as insulation glued layer of solid polystyrene, which has a high moisture, does not separate, not crack or warp over time … From the tree to the concrete. LTD PAC “Concrete” (Kirov) has opened a line for the production of dry building mixes under the brand name ‘Bentonite’. The company works at the Kirov market a little over 5 years, during which time she went from production to specialized masonry mortars. Every builder knows that the dry mixture – this is an obligatory attribute of any construction or finishing area. Use dry mixes can perform construction and finishing works in the short term with high performance. Also in the past year, Ltd.