Arising Wood

Posted by Carlota on March 28, 2019
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In principle, the efficiency of heating systems with pellet boilers and heat storage is (and this is regulated by law so) at over 90%. This means that 90% of the energy of the Festbrennstoffes to heat be converted. Compared to other systems, wood boilers and their counterparts fuelled with pellets or wood chips therefore have an excellent track record in the use of energy. However this value tells alone nothing about its profitability. Because although pellet boilers are efficient, the raw material of Centralia in them is different, and depending on how the market situation now is, the cost accounting not for each installation goes on again. To make a statement about whether a wood boiler or a gas boiler is the cheaper alternative, you will need to attract the efficiency of a plant of the competition first. Then there’s the prices (and if possible a perspective on the price development) the required Raw materials, the heating power expected to be needed and the total price of the system. These values are factors that are to be considered when choosing.

According to a calculation of the costs for the production price of energy that can be carried out by suppliers such as the aforementioned, obtained the most important for the economy value of the cost per kW/h produced then arise when compared with the most important heating raw materials oil and gas following numbers: oil 7, 68 ct per kW/h gas 6, 94 ct per kW/h wood pellets 5, 80 ct per kW/h this from November 2013 averages from Germany show a manifest price advantage in energy generation through burning and wood boilers in General, at least compared to the fossil fuels. To calculate the return on investment, used next the price of the system. Since this is usually slightly higher than at gas and oil heaters, must be reckoned that with a very low energy requirement the total cost by pellet or Arising wood boilers and associated fuel, higher than with his expensive fuel oil but cheaper systems.