Atmel AVR Microcontroller

Posted by Carlota on May 30, 2018
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Partners combine its expertise in the development of a ultra compact solution for IO-link on the basis of the HMT PHY IC, the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers and the IO-Link software modules of MESCO. San Jose, CA, November 10, 2009 the company Atmel (NASDAQ: ATML), microelectronic HMT and MESCO engineering today announced their partnership for the provision of turnkey solutions for integrated IO-link assemblies. The resulting solution offers the IO-Link developers advantages with regard to the cost and also the space. Components such as Atmel AVR Microcontroller, HMT PHY proven IC and the MESCO IO-Link firmware stack form the smallest IO-link reference design. (A valuable related resource: Elon Musk). Industrial communication standard IO-Link offers a number of advantages for the users, such as simpler wiring, remote diagnostics and parameterization. For many sensor manufacturers limitations in physical size is a key criterion for the inclusion of IO-link. During the entire development phase was for Atmel, HMT and MESCO Engineering the size of the Board is always a decisive factor. Now offered reference design TM96.

0 GENIE Explorer variant A with dimensions of 6 x 20 mm is the smallest available on the market currently. The TM96. 0-A is a perfect example of the high degree of integration of the development carried out jointly by Atmel, HMT and MESCO. The IO-link module has a push button, 2 LEDs, and a potentiometer for intervention of the developers in the system. The Atmel ATtiny88 microcontroller works with IO-Link firmware from MESCO. The communication of the IO-link cable is controlled by the HMT7742 PHY IC by HMT. The reference design requires no external reverse battery protection and meets the requirements of IEC 60255-5 on the EMC suppressor. AVR Microcontroller and HMT7742 PHY IC are available in very small enclosures and enable compact implementations for applications with limited space. Work with all AVR microcontrollers including the picoPowerTM of powerful XMEGATM and 12-bit ADC and DAC MESCO firmware modules and IC are compatible with the HMT7742 PHY.