Basque Provinces

Posted by Carlota on August 16, 2020
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The Basque as very primitive language has there are them, ” loj pinos” , ” loj chopos” but they do not have ” rbol”. In order to speak of the tree they have had to take a loan from the Castilian, that is ” arbola”. And in that sense, clearly, it is a language in which still the development of the human mind does not realize of which there is universal, still lives on the base of the individuals. …

Nontenth that does not study the Basque; we think that the Basque is necessary to study it like other minority languages like ” cheroqu” , the apache or the Georgian. That is to say, it seems to us that they are languages that they must have study chairs, that are very interesting the philological studies that are made on the matter and we do not say since a dictionary exists that allows that language is understood by people who speak languages with an extraordinary power of communication as he is the Spanish. … That above is not the Basque; it is I generate based on ” batua” the one that is spoken in the Basque Provinces. People that is euskaldunes, that is ” euskaroparlantes” they are horrified for decades with which it is spoken in the Basque Provinces because not even it is the Basque, is absolutely a language of laboratory, cradle, in addition, in the Basque dialect of Biscay, batua (sic). Overwhelmed I listen to the brief dissertation of Caesar Vidal on euskara or, they prefer if it, the Basque.