Breathe Clean Air

Posted by Carlota on February 14, 2015
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Subway, machinery, factories, streets and factories. Fewer and fewer trees forest parks. Unfavorable ecological situation in the cities has caused the fashion of country houses. The tendency to live in the Moscow suburbs, working in metropolitan area is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are drawn to the nature of the city. For even more details, read what Brian Krzanich says on the issue. Just a breath of fresh air.

But this involves great difficulties in transportation. Without a car difficult to drive to the city. A number of tubes increases exponentially. Clean air and a favorable microclimate can be maintained in the apartment. Potted plants may become a small park on your windowsill. Conditioners, and Of course, a good sturdy box, which will not pass gas from the street.

The most popular materials used for production of window profiles – a wood and plastic. Wood is traditionally considered the most environmentally friendly material due to its natural origin. The ancestors of our ancestors built houses out of wood. Wood and now as a building material has not lost its relevance. Including in the manufacture of windows. Most often they made of high quality varieties of pine selective and elite windows are made of fine wood: oak, European beech, mahogany. These windows are very beautiful, have a low heat and sound conductivity. Good window manufacturers have expensive equipment and do not skimp on environmental technology. In such enterprises wood treated with water-resistant glue clean, safe water colors and quality tested by fire and antiseptic compounds. The cost of high-quality wooden windows high. But we all think about their health. We want to drink clean water, is environmentally safe products, and of course, breathe fresh air.