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Posted by Carlota on October 10, 2016
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Through long-term cooperation is a synchronous production procurement supports strategic procurement planning on the basis of differentiated can manufacturer selected suppliers jointly develop objectives and clarify the future cooperation. Common areas of design are among others the direct retrieval and joint stock management as well as the possible settlement of the supplier in the vicinity of the manufacturers work. A comprehensive logistics concept with integrated logistics chain is required in terms of the flow of materials and information to the just-in-time delivery. Long-term cooperation means: common quality and cost management. joint implementation of rationalization potentials, few changes after the series start, parallelization and acceleration of processes, coordination and flexibility of quantities, providing sophisticated logistical services in accordance with the delivery service that is desired by the manufacturer. The approach of total quality management refers in particular to the interfaces in the Value chain.

It aims to make strict quality controls not retrospectively upon receipt of delivery, but vaccine suppliers in terms of preventive quality assurance. Quality potentials and process security towards a zero-error strategy to support and promote. The quality responsibility is perceived as possible locally on-site during the production process at the supplier. The involvement of suppliers in the analysis and the troubleshooting of error causes belongs to the realization of the best possible quality and process capability. The competition for customers is no longer between direct competitors, but in a system of competition between value added partnerships.

Within the individual value chains is therefore about an optimal division of labour between the members, so to improved supplier-customer relationships. The trends show parallels to the efforts of marketing in the procurement relating to the key account management. The procurement is an important strategic success area which significantly shapes the company’s strategy and business results. CF. Becker, Jorg: Change management and intellectual capital report ISBN 9783837094190. Target marketing supplier must be its own performance for the customer so to make this not only prefers them over competing offers, but is ready for a long-term cooperation. Different marketing concepts provide starting points for a constructive supplier marketing. The companies expect not only naked products from suppliers. Services are important components of the customer benefits. Performance systems combine both offer dimensions and offer the customers an integrated solution for its specific problems. It caused long-term vertical performance communities, where the tasks are redefined and distributed for the benefit of all involved. Both companies agree on a long-term cooperation and enter into competition with other partnerships as a value added partner.