CNPJ Protocol

Posted by Carlota on November 1, 2014
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All its trajectory is registered in documents, since its creation, until the current days. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Aetna. Being preserved in the archives, that can also be defined as: ' ' the commanded document accumulation created by an institution or person in the course of its activity and preserved for the achievement of its objectives politicians, legal and cultural, for related instituio' '. (CASANOVA, 1928 apud SCHELLENBERG, 2005, P. 37). nich. The cultural values are preserved in the enterprise and institucional archives, demonstrating its growth, and its conquests before the society where it acts. To recognize the culture of the society where he is inserted, to analyze as to work this culture they are important factors for the development of the companies and institutions. The archive through its documents makes possible to make this analysis. 2,1 FUNCTIONS PROTOCOL SECTOR Let us see an example of functioning of the protocol.

A company needed a negative certificate in an agency publishes to participate of a licitation process. For in such a way, this document needed to present the CNPJ.A card apanhar, the person in charge signed the protocol book, accusing the withdrawal it document in the specified date and schedule. The CNPJ was taken to the agency, and after taking you provide them to all necessary to the attainment of the certificate, the responsible one for the execution of the activity again returned with the CNPJ to the sector from archive, signing the protocol book, where the devolution of the document was written down, in the specified date and hour. All the instances of these encaminhamentos involve tasks that constitute protocol service, that can be summarized: to receive, to register, to distribute, to put into motion and to forward correspondence inside of a company or organization. But attention: the word protocol can also have other significaes. It costuma to assign the given record number to one determined document or, still, the book of received and forwarded document register.