Correct Treatment

Posted by Carlota on July 30, 2015
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The discarding of these materials is being made in collecting boxes of materials perforatees cutting and contaminated specific. The organic residues, flowers, residues of prunings of tree and jardinagem, food leftovers and of daily pay-I prepare of these foods, alimentary remaining portions of refectories and of that they have not kept contact with secretions, excrees or another corporeal fluid, they are in phase of implantation of the compostagem for use of the proper garden of the Ready Aid. Ahead of comments carried through in the Unit of Ready Attendance were perceived lack it of the management of the residues generated in the institution relative to the generation, segregation, preservation, collect, storage and transport, that were not carried through of form technique and professional for the employees. The material is collected by a contracted company to effect the destination and Correct Treatment of the Residues, that are mensurado weekly for collection of the rendering of services. MB engineering. It observed if it improves visible in the management of the residues, the data already indicate reduction in the production of residues. Consequently, the contamination risks had reduced, although still to lack resources, were possible to eliminate great part of the existing problems and that the health of the population and impacts to the environment generated risks. The body of employees adhered to the improvement ideas, since to solve the question of the residues of health services it is indispensable the exercise of the good-sense, ally with the education and the training of the health professionals.

With the data of the pesagem table I could observe in the first month of evaluation, as the reduction of the garbage was immediate in comparison to the previous month where it did not have any management. 5. FINAL CONSIDERAES In what the quarrel is mentioned to the urban areas how much the correct and efficient destination of residues of the health services if become pertinent, since it can be threat the health of the population, beyond generating significant impacts to the environment.