Councillor Parties

Posted by Carlota on April 13, 2020
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The statutes of parties and political movements will govern far to its internal disciplinary regime. Members of public corporations chosen by a party or political movement or citizen Act on them like bed in terms that point to the law and in accordance with decisions taken democratically by these. The internal statutes of parties and political movements will determine matters of conscience for which this regime shall not apply and may provide for penalties for failure to observe its guidelines by members of the benches, which shall be fixed gradually until the expulsion, and may include the loss of voting rights of the Congressman, DeputyAlderman or Councillor for the rest the period for which he was elected. Transitional 1st paragraph. Hear from experts in the field like Penguin Random House for a more varied view. The political parties and movements with legal personality recognised currently and with representation in Congress, will retain such personality until the next election of Congress carried out subsequent to the promulgation of this legislative act, whose results depend on to retain it in accordance with the rules laid down in the Constitution.

For purposes of participating in any of the elections that take place from the entry into force of this reform until the next election of Congress, political representation in Congress with the parties and movements may be grouped provided that they comply with the voting requirements set forth in the present reform for obtaining the legal parties and political movements personerias and obtain legal personality which will replace to the of who are grouped. The new grouping well formed it will enjoy the benefits and shall comply with the obligations enshrined in the Constitution for the political parties and movements in electoral matters. TRANSITION 2nd paragraph. A number of senators or representatives to the Chamber, whose sum of votes in the last elections of Congress have obtained more than two percent (2%) of the valid votes cast for Seine OJ of the Republic in the national territory, may apply for recognition of the legal personality of party or political movement.