Customized Training And Seminar Concepts Design

Posted by Carlota on May 30, 2018
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Voss + partner further trainers learn to develop goal – and target group-oriented tutorials and seminar concepts. Companies everyday. A company starts a Qualifizierrungsmassnahme. But after which determine those responsible: despite continuing education our employees do not show the desired behavior. This can have many causes. A common one is: the development objectives and contents were not clearly defined. So they not were reflected also in the concept of learning. Another common cause: The concept of learning was not the development and knowledge of the participants.

That’s why the learning not from becoming entrenched. Such mishaps to avoid that learn in the training accurately develop who often engaged in their daily work questions the staff qualification, training concepts offered by the training company Voss + partner, Hamburg. In her “participants according to statements made by Managing Director Julia Voss, the necessary tools to develop goal – and target group-oriented tutorials purchase. The continuing education consists of two two-day seminars. In the first module, the participants deal among other things with the questions: How can I determine the qualification needs of enterprises and the training needs of Personen(-Gruppen)? How do I start from the overarching objectives aimed the (coarse and fine) for this training? How do I ensure that it is logically built in? And: how to do I prepare the learning so, that they arrive at the participants? Intensive participants also deal with the issue of learning control so, how after learning units can be whether the target group has the required knowledge and skills and is ready to apply this. Learn all the participants not only in theory, but also analyze together already worked out (your own) training concepts and determine where in them still tuning possibilities.

They also reflect its own approach to the work. Design in the period between the first and the second module the participants either an new training concept or they work over an already-created concept so that it conforms to their new knowledge. This you get a feedback from the seminar leaders. To know more about this subject visit Mark Bertolini. In the second module, the participants not only present their concepts, also sequences from these be carried out virtually. Then analyze the participants under the guidance of the Facilitator, what was already good and where opportunities for improvement exist. The first building block of the next training will be held on 19 and 20 April 2010 in Hamburg (second building block: 21 and 22 June). A further training will begin in November. The participation of 2,150 euros (+ VAT). For more information contact interested at the Voss + Partner GmbH (;; Phone: 040-7900767-0).