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Posted by Carlota on April 16, 2018
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The move to Madrid means for Cristiano Ronaldo that he has more opportunities to wear his designer sunglasses when Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester lived there probably not many days in which wearing Tom Ford designer sunglasses was important. But like many other celebrities, he did it again and again some opportunities to find to put on the fashionable sunglasses. The former Manchester United player and World star was often in the area around Old Trafford saw, with a pair of the latest Tom Ford designer sunglasses. Sometimes Cristianos was clothing choice questionable, for example when he was seen as he his smooth legs in a tiny pink short shorts showed. But when it comes to his sunglasses he does everything right.

The choice of his sunglasses makes somehow fashionable catastrophe even the biggest styling. Now that the Portuguese football in Madrid lives in the undoubtedly hotter climate he will be pleased that he now often has the opportunity to wear his favorite sunglasses. Also, he will still frequent sunglasses this month its designer need. Cristiano can’t play namely a month because he, during the game in the Portugal Hungary 1-0 defeated an ankle injury himself, to tagged moved. Due to this injury, he will spend more time on the bench and will therefore need the sunglasses when he watches his team of colleagues from the sidelines from. Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only fan of the Tom Ford designer sunglasses, other celebrities, male and female as were Halle Berry, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez all seen how they wore this fashion brand name sunglasses.