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Posted by Carlota on June 12, 2018
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Of course, the entrepreneurs wish an immediate clarification of this allegation. The observation of the target person by the detective agency Lentz Berlin revealed that the man not even an hour actually worked on the first day on the second day for just two hours, and on the third day of observation for only around. The man actually spent the rest of the time in a pub, where he drank several beers and griped loudly about his employer. On the last evening, he drove even heavily drunk at home around midnight with your own car. The detectives of the Detektei Lentz through a detailed report and several dozen pictures were able to prove all this. The principal sent the man the termination immediately.

He has lost not only his job, but also as his driver’s license due to his misconduct. The entrepreneur can now use the saved content to quickly set a new, performance-ready sales staff and generate finally more sales. This is just one of many cases, showing the wide range of applications of the Detektei Lentz in Berlin and testimonials as “is as a client here in very good care testimonials of the Detektei Lentz. Get lubricated honey’s mouth, but the unvarnished truth and clear facts”or”the agreed maximum budget was not used up, anyway, the results are better than planned. nvestors: the source for more info. “Top!.” examples reflect the high level of customer satisfaction.