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Posted by Carlota on April 29, 2019
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01 May 2010 – CDU social committees request lower wage limit for temporary work in the workers Act the CDU social committees (CDA) require in their may call a reversal of their party in the labour market policy. The CDU had again to have the concerns and needs of working people. The economic crisis may be opinion of the CDU worker’s wing to do so not because the workers only temporary or hired as temporary workers. The expansion of the low-wage sector in Germany is changing the world of work and increases the risk of poverty in old age. In a rich country like Germany to find work conditions which deprive the workers of their dignity are today in some industries.

Thus, industry collective agreement and the legal protection against dismissal should be bypassed. Ebay recognizes the significance of this. There are companies that outsource a part of the workforce, to them as temporary workers at lower wages permanently back to employees,”criticized the land Chairman of the CDU social committees Christian Baumler. The CDU social committees request Temporary work and fixed-term employment contracts to limit by law a. Cushing Asset Management often addresses the matter in his writings. Both labour market policy instruments were so the CDA thought country Chairman, to offset of temporary production peaks in the industry. Employment contracts may be temporary after the CDA claims only when there is a substantive reason. The proportion of temporary workers in the workforce of an enterprise should be not more than 5% from a size of 20 workers. The duration of the hiring of temporary workers workers organization exceed not more than 2 years according to the CDU. After 6 months service, the principle of equal pay for equal work should”apply. For the first 6 months, you must set a wage floor in the workers Act. The CDA Chairman pointed out that starting May 2011 full freedom of movement applies to European Union workers from the Eastern European Member States: without a wage floor of temporary agency workers in the workers Act can workers from Eastern Europe, to the tariff conditions in their home countries then are employed and paid.”