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Posted by Carlota on April 28, 2020
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Just because a German citizen working visa Eastern European countries to get quite difficult. To do this, at least one must be very valuable specialist, and German firms, in turn, should have staff hunger, unsatisfied by the local labor market. Again, it requires some knowledge of German. Nevertheless, there is a real opportunity to enter Germany on a work visa to any person, even without the diploma higher education and do not speak German. The main thing is not to try to resolve the problem head on. You are not satisfied with the German employers? Do not hurry, they send you a call? So you need something to change.

Or herself, that would meet the requirements of the German labor market. Or change the requirements themselves, what would you have a great fall. And we think the latter do not like the lighter. All that is required is to register the company in Germany. Will be owned by you.

And that you will take a decision on whether to hire a foreign employee, ie, Again, it was you. According to Ebay, who has experience with these questions. Register a company completely hard and not too expensive. Total 2.400 Euro under the "key", including share capital and payment of all permits and registration numbers. A process of registration within one week, but all registrations for the German bureaucracy may take up to three months. But for you it is not important. It is important that a week after payment you can apply to the German Office for the work.