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Posted by Carlota on October 4, 2012
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In nominal terms, the supply of the call free credit the physical people grew R$ 4.631 billion, 62% of which if they relate to the increase of R$ 2,891 billions by vol. of the consigned one. The signals harvested for the Central banking, suggest that the consigned one came back to grow in virtue of the retaken one of the operations of average small banks e, that recompuseram its captations later that the government created a deposit modality the stated period, until R$ 20 million, with insurance-deposit of the Deep Guarantor of Crdito (FGC). In April, average small banks had caught close to R$ 4 billion with guarantee it FGC. Beyond the FGC, the Federal government saving bank also contributed to increase the consigned credit.

The federal bank bought R$ 200 million in credits generated for average small banks in April, by means of operational agreements. its proper wallet increased 6.7% in the month, almost the double of the market, with increment of R$ 800 million. The emphasis, until the moment, has been in the consigned loans the public officers, who had grown 3.6% in April, above of the 1.6% observed in the operations with workers of the private sector. ' ' Beyond the retaken one of it offers for average small banks e, the data demonstrate the recovery of the levels reliable of consumidores' ' , it affirms the head of the Economic Department of the BC, Altamir Lopes.Crdito for empresasEm comparison the credit for companies continues scarce. The volume of credit fell 0.5%, or R$ 1,8 billion, in April, for R$ 386,3 billion. According to Central banking (BC), in May, the trend if kept, with 0,8% jib until day 14. The company had made bitter, still, increase of 0,3 porcentual point – for 18,3 points – in spread (difference enters the cost of captation and the tax of interests charged of the customers).