Economic Development

Posted by Carlota on November 5, 2012
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In the workmanship of Leo Huberman, that it looks to clarify the development of the economy throughout history, it I capitulate ' ' There it comes rei' ' it counts as the paper of the monarchy was important for the economic development, as well as the economy fortified the power of the monarchs. In a deriving social system of the Average Age where the feudalismo dictated the rules, that were oppressors for populaa, that in great majority it was not part of the privileged nobility. However, with the growth I deal of it, the first burgos, and the ascension of a called classroom had appeared ' ' mdia' ' , that as much fights, and finally you obtains to become free itself of the oppressing feudal domain. These were almost that independent of the king, therefore they only gave I assist in exchange for its lands the same, and its sustenance was based, as already is of the knowledge of all, on in exchange for offering to protection the work of the campnios, a part of these campnios, fortified for the economy I deal and it, they left the feudals and they went for the burgos, for the cities, what weakened the feudal system, that tried to remain itself hard penalties. The feudal military service, being badly remunerated for its gentlemen pillaged the travellers of the road, the traders, and the proper cities, and also its gentlemen profited from this. With the feudal system trying to balance itself in the advance of the times, and the new classrooms needing protection, the monarchy, before weakened, turn a chance to fix and to increase its power offering protection to the cities and merchants and in exchange received loans from these, what it helped to defray, amongst other things, one I exercise well trained and remunerated well that was the disposal of the king whenever the same to need, what consequently it assisted, and very, the security of the cities, moreover the king creates laws against booties and roberies, the one that you feudal was obliged if to submit. Another favorable point the relation I deal monarchy, is the nationality feeling that if creates, since the cities depended directly on a monarch in common, the monarch of its country, it joined what, and it accented them the nation concept, citizens if did not call London more than, or of York, or of Madrid, they were of England, or Spain, etc. In this meantime, the increasing economy fortified the monarchy, that in turn fortified it exactly deals, that it fortified the economy, forming a strong cycle, that persists until the present, with the advent of the republic.