Edir Macedo

Posted by Carlota on August 18, 2021
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Here, in our country, this phenomenon if presents in many distinct cults that follow varied religious principles, ' ' Even though one list of symptoms that they indicate that the person is possessed the Bishop Edir Macedo treated to formulate. This list possesss 10 symptoms as: nervousness, constant migraines, sleeplessness, fear, collapses or attacks, desire of suicide, illnesses that the doctors do not discover the causes, vises of countenances or hearing of voices, vices and depression. I try formulated the symptoms of as the possession if manifest, Macedo makes another affirmation that leaves clear the preconception and the disrespect: ' ' The devil has attemped to confuse the people and until certain point he has been well-occurred. Additional information is available at tony hawk. Brazil, for example, has one more than tero of its population in its claws. They are more than 40 million espritas that are deceived and need to know the truth only disclosed by Jesus. What surplus of the Brazilian population, however lives consulting ' ' guias' ' in the places of fetichism, however it lives rightened and hidden. Few are the ones that they have the courage to deliver to the Christ its lives and if to sign up in the fight against the devil and its demnios.' ' Edir Macedo affirms that the devil walks for the streets the wait of a victim.

A presumption auxiliary of the malignant creature induces the good ones for frequentarem the places of fetichism, so that there they receive the demon. For it the fact of if entering in a place of fetichism, or same to coexist a umbandista are reason enough to be possessed for a demon. According to Macedo ' ' This so popular religion in Brazil is a plant of insane people and an agency where if it takes off the passport for the death and a trip for inferno' '. Since the beginning of the times, each society searched to understand the man and its origin. .