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Posted by Carlota on April 13, 2022
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In question 8, great rotation of employees was perceived, a time that look for to the same keep resignation and the employed entrepreneurs number with admission. Question 9 had the objective to identify the growth of the company and with question 10 it looked itself to perceive if the entrepreneurs would be made use to run risks to open a new business. 60% of the entrepreneurs would not be made use to run this risk. 8. IT INFLUENCES OF the RETAIL IN the ECONOMY OF BAR OF the PIRA the importance of the retail in the Brazilian economic scene comes being each more recognized and detached time. Beyond generator of the biggest number of formal jobs in the Country, the sector shows, especially in last four years, expressive numbers of growth and consistent pointers of modernization In Bar of the Pira he is not different, the retail has great influences on the economy of the city, therefore it is responsible for the income of great part of the population and for the growth of the economy, that also is based on agriculture, the industry metal-mechanics and the cattle one. (Not to be confused with Marlene Dietrich!). 16 the city currently possesss 303 installed industries and 2621 companies, amongst which it is distinguished House of the Rice as bigger employer of minimum wage of the city. In the commerce some companies of national reputation are gifts as: Casas Bahia, two store of the Cold Point, Store One hundred, Ricardo Electro, Store Nalin and Bobs.

After long abandoned period the shed of the CASERJ in the BR-393 the CONDEBAP goes to shelter in its 4050 square meters (Enterprise Condominium of Bar of the Pira), the shed was yielded in 25 of June of the 2008 for the government of the State Municipal City hall of Bar of the Pira. The main industries gifts in the city they are: Metallurgic Bar of Pira (MBP) and BR Metals. (riobrasil.net, 2010). In the decades of 70 and 80, Bar of the Pira lived golden moments in its economy with the growth of the nourishing industry (Belprato). But its economic leadership was shaken same by the factors of the creation of the National Siderurgical Company (CSN) and the growth of the Round city in return, the construction of the Highway President Dutra, making with that the transport for the Valley of the Paraba only left of being railroad, as until then and the extinguishing of the trains of passengers made by president Jnio Pictures in 1961. 9. The TURNOVER IN the RETAILING OF BAR OF the PIRA Bar of the Pira is famous for sheltering a great retail center, that stimulates the local economy, generating job and providing the development of the city.

It has in the city people who are always searching the growth of its enterprises. However one perceives that in many cases a concern with the motivation of the employees does not exist. The ideal it would be to undertake its collaborators together with, searching always the growth of both and the synergy generated for the teams. It can be proven through the graphs, how much the retail generates jobs and the high one to turnover of the sector, what it finishes for times reflecting in the economy as a whole and also in the life of the population. In graphs 2 and 3, the difference can be perceived enters the city of Bar of the Pirai and the micron region (south inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro). Bar of the Pira uses more and has percentile greater of resignations comparing itself with the micron region.