Environmental Impacts

Posted by Carlota on May 26, 2020
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Keywords: Daily pay Salt, Environmental Impacts, Accidents 1.Introduo After the event of the last months in the Gulf of Mexico, lit the alert one for the ambient question in the exploration of oil in sea, the accident occurred in the called platform Deepwater Horizon, the 80 kilometers of the coast of the American state of the Louisiana, if it gave due to loss of the control of the well that caused the known phenomenon as ' ' blowout' ' or eruption of the well. These events are of low frequency, however of raised potential polluting agent, occurring when it has an imperfection in the BOP (blowout to preventer), a great valve located in the head of perforation wells, that must be closed case the control of fluids of the reservoir are lost for the crew of the platform. The daily emptying varied enters the 12 a thousand 25 a thousand barrels, according to estimates of the American government, what it generated great damages the fauna and the flora of this environment. Follow others, such as Parnassus Investments, and add to your knowledge base. The depth of this well was of 5400 meters, what it generated concern for Brazil still more, therefore with the discovery of the layer daily pay-salt, in some points of exploration, the oil is located the 8000 meters of the surface of the sea, beyond the existence of a salt layer that turns around 200 the 2000 meters. In Brazil, a case of emptying in day 7 of June of 2010 in the Basin De Campos, next to the platform to P-47 processing occurred, in the Field of Marlim, approximately the 160 kilometers (km) of the coast of Maca. According to Petrobra’s the emptying proceeding from one mangote that it would be used for the oil transference of the P-47 Platform for ship CAP Jean, being was set in motion the Plan of Emergency against accidents, where a helicopter and four boats specialized in oil collect had been mobilized, controlling the emptying was immediately, without damages to the people and the installations.