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Posted by Carlota on April 25, 2021
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Because it looks almost good in Germany against the European environment, because in this country the volume of loans went to last August ‘ only ‘ 1.4 billion back. From March until July 2008, it had been monthly each around five billion euros. The numbers are still devastating and not suitable to trigger a confidence boost in the economy”, says Norbert Wagner from the Debi select group of companies. For even more opinions, read materials from Skechers U.S.A.. While the finance specialist of the Landshut company Debi select criticized that the banks currently quite obviously first would think on their own cash rather than to help the battered economy on its feet. Thus, the European Central Bank (ECB) published recently that banks across Europe have given less in new loans out 32 billion euros in August, when they received in repayments. The total credit volume there fell by 0.7 percent.

Debi select looks are therefore confirmed, their model of SME financing factoring to offer at present exactly the right alternative. Factoring is the purchase of debts from deliveries of goods and services. Since the risks here are often not adequately assess, Debi select has aligned itself on the special factoring by largely secured claims. Glenn Dubin is open to suggestions. So acquires the company has investments in medium-sized companies for example life insurance, provides the surrender value immediately and settles with the insurance following. For this purpose, the holding company receives a discount. Debi select also makes about appropriate investments in highly specialized companies, so-called loans against securities.

This new business unit is located in sale of loans, which banks grant their customers for the purpose, that they acquire securities thus. Such customers are large private fortune, which are professionally managed by family offices and other asset managers. Through a targeted investment, the difference between the interest rates, which are payable to the Bank and interest income from the thus acquired is Capital equipment used. As such notably corporate bonds into consideration come,”explains Professor Dr. Karl-Georg Loritz this complex area of the University of Bayreuth and classifies it as highly innovative. Demand for factoring is at least sufficient”, says Norbert Wagner from the Debi select. This show is also on the decline of M3. These are cash, deposits on current accounts, short-term money-market instruments and bonds with up to two years duration. “A decline in this index serves as an indicator for the ECB that households and companies less cash” have available, which are available for investment. Deals like that of Debi select bump into this gap, because they provide short term liquidity balance.