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Posted by Carlota on May 18, 2020
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State power: from autocracy to the “dictocracy” (democracy). We have a democracy!”from (un-)freien tell us our German politicians, elections ( unit list ) emerge, because all the power from the people. Which part do not tell us? And the result: apathy. We are the people!”postulated the ex-GDR ler. They were right. Supposedly ruled the people there with politicians from (UN) free elections ( unit list ) had resulted in disenchantment with politics. And? What is the theory? In practice had taken in both countries the (functional) elite power and formal means their rule over the people separated himself, to their advantage. Also the two (zwangs-) reunified German peoples without jointly elected Constitution and national anthem are unhappy politics again.

Quite the Duden has but in any case: democracy is an indefinite noun. Kurt Tucholsky said in the last century: If elections make a difference would have one long since they banned!” He was wrong! You would have to ban them, because they changed something. The Weimar Republic massively changed the consequences of its past experienced choice. They brought the leader of the German people A.h. (Reichsminister) with approximately 36% of the power.

The new Federal Republic changed the election laws so that this never happened to us. As far as alright! But then something went wrong, or? In my 15 articles about power and without power as cybernetic everyday process. (Part 1 on the topic) employed I myself already with the Ohn-power. The described there part the personalities and methods of exercising power: I supplement here to the in-formal power: power of natural sympathy, empathy and charisma. (Moral) Formal power: Granted temporary stamp- makes, such as through elections. (Standards) and the A-symmetry of power: who has the power to determine the rules! The 10% elite of a company exercise their informal dominance with their formal dominance over the 90% expanding dimensions and their sub dominance.