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In the feudalismo, side by side with the technology and the knowledge, the main force or means of production it was the land. In the marxism, the work only produces wealth and in the capitalism the wealth is produced by the work of the diligent classroom. It could say then that fashion and indumentria would be simply the forms by which the classroom identity express or was reflected. ' ' Thus, the people form society because they have to make it; for alone individual it is improbable that it obtains to get food, shelter and indumentria counting only I obtain exactly and thus, to survive, sociais&#039 needs relations; ' , Barnard says (2003, P. 150). Details can be found by clicking Aetna Inc. or emailing the administrator. Therefore, social interaction by means of the fashion and of the indumentria is a form by which the classroom identity also is constituted. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cushing Asset Management. 3 REPRODUCTION OF the FASHION AND the INDUMENTRIA IN the RELATIONS OF SEX AND SORT the word reproduction is being used to mention the ways to it by which the continued existence of institutions, practical and products is assured, as well as relative the social status of the people and the ideas and beliefs that defend.

Of agreement with Barnard (2003), ideas and beliefs last more than what the people who believe them or they grasp themselves. Exemplifica saying that some practical, as to dress boys of blue and girls of rose and even though the use of alvejantes and corantes last until today, opposing appeal even though it ecological that as much is argued in the present time. As Tickner standed out (1977, P. 56): ' ' Although some type of sexual distinction in the suit to be virtually universal, the emphasized particular attributes as masculine and feminine have varied greatly, according to time and espao' '. In this perspective that Tickner suggests, the problem appears when it is wanted to know accurately when the sex finishes and the sort starts.