Firewood Stoves

Posted by Carlota on October 11, 2012
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Firewood stoves for the home are an elegant form to decorate the interior of a room or a hall and are an economic alternative to warm up the house since these burn solid propellant like the firewood. Down you have all information necessary to maintain a firewood stove by many years. What is a system of washing to air Airwash? A stove of firewood with a Airwash system will tend to have a cleaner of more transparent window. In stoves that are not Airwash tar is deposited in the window when the fuel is burned (especially wood) darkening the crystal of the stove or returning dark. The Airwash stoves accept air of upon the window of the stove and they pass (or " lavado") on the surface of the window. This aid to maintain the flames and gases in the stove far from the crystal, because there is an air layer protects that it.

Less tar is deposited maintaining clean the crystal. All our stoves of firewood use the system Airwash. How to ignite my new stove of firewood? There are many ways to ignite a fire in a firewood stove. There is no a correct way to do it and I am sure that all the owners of stoves that way will have their own means to ignite those that have been developed throughout the years. Asegrese of which the stove is not full of ash – it clears the necessary ash if with the suitable use of a container of metal. If the stove is a stove multi-fuel where the unique air supply is from underneath the grid of the then stove you you will have to make sure that the grid is clean without ashes and that the ash drawer is empty at least (or that the ash in the ash drawer no it obstructs the air flow to the fire).