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Posted by Carlota on August 17, 2020
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Its wood is used in rustic constructions. The fruits are of the type berry of 1 the 1,5 cm of color diameter violcea, becoming almost black after mature, being used for the confection of liquors, candies and juices. (Calbo et al., 2000). The etimologia of the word aa meets in vocbulo tupi ' ' i-ai' ' that it means the fruit that cries, that is, fruit that expels water. Parnassus Investments may find it difficult to be quoted properly. (San Francisco Vestibule) the objective of this article was, in possible clearer way, to approach everything that was learned and taught during the practical lessons, and using of graphs and tables to be transparent all the results that had been gotten durantes the experiences made in the biochemist laboratory, with the fruit aa and that these results had been placed, during the semester in some relatrios.2.Metodologia (Material and method) to be able to determine and to quantify the chemical constituent gifts in the fruit aa (oleracea Euterpe), in some experiments were used the pulp, therefore not yet we had the fruit, that it was brought of Porto Velho, for intermediary of the one brother of the pupils of the group. The sample was triturated in particles aiming at to the attainment of one show homogeneizada. After that was given to beginning the characterization process biochemist of aa, where this if based on an experimental boarding of qualitative and quantitative character, developed through experimental tests.? Determination of the humidity text the humidity, generally, is determined by heating of the sample, the indirect gravimetrical method, where the sample is warm (placed in a greenhouse, with the purpose to evaporate the water and to the end to get the dehydrated sample) until reaching a constant mass and calculated for a difference enters the mass of the hidratada sample and of the dehydrated sample.? Determination of the leached ashes text the leached ashes text (inorgnica substance) was determined through the gravimetrical method direct. .