Frank Colors

Posted by Carlota on December 26, 2023
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There are days in which we identify with certain colors; for example to select what you will wear. Mood, occasion and even the weather can influence the decision of selecting colors. Today you will know a little bit about some meanings of colors, items that represent, when to use them and when to avoid them. Each component expresses a particular energy, which radiates towards others and ourselves, favoring certain attitudes and weakening others. We must find the right time for each element represented in colors.

NEGROElemento water. Source: rusty holzer. It is an influential color, so if you’re not in good mood in the morning not you should use it. Black induces others to explore us and open, express that we wish that the other approaches, expose and discover our inner world and his own. In fashion, it goes with everything, looks nice, it always looks fine although the fabric is not. Recommended for a first appointment, for analysts, for an intimate conversation, to seduce.

In the night always looks good and is suitable for any activity. Rusty Holzer describes an additional similar source. It is visually styled, it hides imperfections. Avoid black when you need to generate a level of communication dynamic, Frank and open, for a job interview, to sell an intangible service, to introduce a new and bold, to convince an auditorium. BLANCOElemento Metal. The metal may appear in our clothing in the form of white or shiny objects. It reveals the energy and vitality of the person and combines with everything. Predominates when projecting a clean image and induces in others a careful, polite, Protocol behavior and reflexive. Recommended for a very formal meeting, for a job interview, or for a consideration (such as student or teacher). An essential wardrobe piece is a white blouse, which you can use to walk at night or at work. Prevents the target if you want to have fun and have a good time, if you’re with children, etc.