Posted by Carlota on December 29, 2021
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The complexity of the installation of contextual advertising is the need to accommodate a special code. Not Every blogger has the opportunity to access the code page of the site and knowledge of its installation. However, the detailed study of the installation instructions, to achieve the desired advertising is not very difficult. 3. Earnings on references.

There are specialized automated systems for selling links (Sape, GoGetLinks, Liex, Xap, etc.). You register in these systems and get a reward for placing in the pages of your blog advertising links. Here has a value such characteristics blog as tic and PageRank, as they are higher, the more chances to earn. Links are placed on the code base, which gives the service at registration. One day, setting the code, you can forget about it service and continue movies.

The money will be transferred to your account in a month, however, each system has a minimum level of output of different (from 250 rubles to $ 100). 4.Esche one kind of earnings – is selling the place under the direct advertising on blogs. To do this in a convenient location in the articles are placed various kinds of banners and ads (popander, klikander, peel-down, ICQ-window, bodyClick and stretching). They differ in visual effects. For every click on a banner posted on Your blog you are awarded bonuses at the end of the month is converted into a monetary unit. You can work with already established online systems, or to negotiate directly with advertisers and to place its banner on a monthly basis for fixed value. 5.SEO copywriting. You can write custom articles advertising of products or services and publish them on your blog. Based on the specification written laudatory articles, and for every 1000 characters are charged with the advertiser fees. Depending on the topic and the popularity of your blog, you can earn up to $ 10 per 1000 characters. If you write on a regular basis, then the result is a good and stable earnings with a favorite hobby. 6.. On the blog you can put information on how the way you can thank for the fact that you write some useful articles. Make an interesting text and indicate where your details of electronic money or bank details. That's probably all the essential ways of earning on the blogs. But no matter what type of income you choose, the important thing to remember about the development of your blog. Only with high attendance blog, you can expect a high level of income. So before you choose a way of earning, make sure that your site is registered in search engines and the reader's interest.