Governments Consumption

Posted by Carlota on March 2, 2013
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Stands always successful speculator of laboratory chemical and medicinal as a stigma of the liberal system of managing the democratic economy, when the Foundation is consumption by users, with both your body and your money. In the case of drugs we find that it has the particularity of the restorative facet of organic functions, attained by the consumption of drugs bases imposed on us by the system, since all kinds of modern medicine – whether social, prepaid, Union, hospital free, etc – uses the allopathic formulation as the only legal way to exercise the curative principle. If you enter in another course – either homeopathy, alternatives, herbology, etc-, the coverage of formal laws marginalize all kinds of collateral consequence at random from becoming, underestimating the social conditions of those who do not possess the ability to purchase to respect their own health (?). Before the raised duality, the alternatives of choice obviously are oriented in the direction of the legality, that intrinsically It involves the protection of insurance receivables, or a possibility of procedural execution failure in the healing process. This methodology based on fear, deeply away from the good intention to human mercy, since without observing or to right or to left, undergoes population citizen income conditioned on drugs consumption consequently generating glorious financial visibility for the scene of the companies in question. Faced the constitutional prerogative for the pill that is subject to the individual, their obvious consumption, degenerating into a negotiated shared between Governments and capitals of therapeutic drugs, being benefited non – as always is concatenante!-who with their effort supports the essence of the system, adding that invests with his health and the reduction of its own. Perhaps aren’t human bodies real instruments with which laboratories are capitalized? In the case of foods, where chemical Labs provide all kinds of additive substance, we find the same theme, since the use of the same required municipal authorizations, controls and other constraints that open the same circuit breaker to the fed, entering in the string where both the producers and the jurists along with the intricacies of the legal framework, and finally surrounding State employees are supported to the defence of the consumer. In the described cases we find the common denominator of the circulation of money, which fills all the loopholes that are in the dominant structure, whose social weight is so gravitational it fazed the intention of leaving the same when selecting consumption, sinking the famous opening of criteria which claimed science for its correct functioning, replicating his actions when the aroma of the currency predicts the opulence. Minds we transgress the pre-established guidelines to orient us towards the alternativeness, without knowing which also paid the same taxes, but that also sets its root of dissatisfaction, which gradually grows in your fat covering older addition, leaving RID randomly to a future that no one knows where is Yes in a laboratory or in a full of Alchemy and necromancers barrack!