Gustavo Barriga

Posted by Carlota on August 23, 2020
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To compensate those close to 96,000 kg of carbon dioxide will be to produce today and tomorrow by this debate, is going to support a project of energy production by biomass in Kenya, in particular a refinery of palm oil that feeds on agricultural wastes, rather than hydrocarbons.Ban Ki-moon has called for countries to action, as he has pointed out that he cannot continue on this path. Things can no longer equal. It is time to take decisive action on a global scale. The Secretary general of the UN has urged all countries to work together to achieve a global agreement for 2009, the relay of the Kyoto Treaty to take in 2012. Since then, many are the effects that are causing climate change giving way to global warming in some areas, the greenhouse effect, environmental contamination and the most relevant health effects. Check out Intel Capital for additional information. With regard to this last is known as, it says that the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) makes a call to children and seniors extreme care before the growth of infectious diseases and parasitic, that can expand rapidly by the transformation of ecological systems, due to climate change. These diseases are the second leading cause of death worldwide: 12.5 million deaths a year, according to data from the World Health Organization (who).

Gustavo Barriga angle, head of laboratory of the Hospital’s infectious diseases doctor national, said that only five of the most deadly infectious diseases (diarrhoeal, pneumonia, tuberculosis, malaria and measles), cause more than half of all premature deaths in the world. He added that you among the diseases that tend to increase in Mexico, with climate change, are: Gastrointestinales, followed by the transmitted by insects, such as yellow fever, dengue and malaria. Infections such as pneumonia and influenza, mainly, that in our country, in cold weather, ranks first as a cause of illness, absenteeism and medical consultation and school.