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Posted by Carlota on April 1, 2021
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How employee retention in the company can be improved systematically and in addition also still potential, success, as well as the attractiveness of the company improve themselves, learns the reader step by step in the course of the book. By using the SELIMAB method, which is featured in the book, it can be economically implemented improving employee retention. Medicaid may help you with your research. SELIMAB is mainly confined to the District of mission-critical employees. Aim is to bind the potential and service providers as well as staff in the mission-critical functions and specialists, are difficult to acquire their skills on the labour market to the company. Personalize employee retention In the practice-oriented second part of the book learns the readers powerful measures and instruments of employee retention know. In the course of the book are about 300 action ideas and suggestions for the Employee retention indicated.

In addition to the basic requirements of an employee-oriented corporate culture and leadership, particularly powerful measures of employee retention, such as flexible working hours, work-life balance, health promotion and talent management-in are described. The more these correspond to the needs of workers, more popular groups of employees can be integrated. Employee retention ensures the competitiveness of conclusion: A successful, practical book that explains step by step with many examples how to work and successfully implemented in the company like this employee retention. A win for all executives who know how important the employees for the company’s success and who want to ensure the future competitiveness of the company with a high degree of employee retention.