Posted by Carlota on February 26, 2014
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History Its origins can be traced to 1538. The statutes of the University of Salamanca, it is mentioned that no letter will be delivered in medicine bachelor who did not demonstrate to the rector have practiced two years after graduation, in addition to being practiced listeners. The program continued its evolution into the twentieth century. In 1973, after several protests, the group gets the right to social security, denied until then. MIR allowing women could enjoy essential medical coverage for childbirth. In addition, got the guards began to reciprocate. The demonstrations continued however, and in 1975 manage to have an employment contract. The movement in search of an employment contract has its precedents in the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, in the ’60s, who won the first contract for doctors working in that hospital. In October 2006 approving the decree that would regulate the employment of training specialists.However, the text disappoint both residents, and that did not meet their expectations, as the central government because of the large number of complaints and the many resources of unconstitutionality raised.