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Posted by Carlota on June 10, 2021
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Material costs incurred on the cost centers for the treatment of patients, can be associated precisely to individual cases. Association, infusion or ointment, with the scanner the material number, case number, and cost center are read in each pickup via the barcode. The amount of material can be added via the keyboard. The existing in the scanner data by means of special software in a file transmitted using cable connection on the computer. The data from the file on the hard disk are immediately taken over by the SAP System. To avoid double bookings, the original file is deleted automatically.

The ERP system maps the respective term, the true nature of the costs and the current unit price the individual material numbers about the manually entered amount finally determined the amount. So, costs are accurately recorded and automatically triggered the re-ordering. Each material withdrawal is treated, it is fully charged and each station automatically after loaded. Our highly customized software solution offers healthy security”processes in addition to the documentation of the materials the Hospital of the University of Munich in connection with the robust MEMOR terminals more benefits. The individualized batch solution, where is a data exchange via a cable, corresponds exactly to the issued requirement profile of the hospital to the functionality of the devices and offers the best price-performance ratio for this purpose,”explains Schmidl. MEMOR Terminal capture all known types of bar code GS1-standard included, more records as before can also be scanned and saved. The ergonomic and compact shape, the touch screen and the read receipt using green-spot technology make the daily Operation for the nursing staff on the ward just, safe and effective.