Human Behavior

Posted by Carlota on July 23, 2019
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Wagner Paulon 1971 – the 2008 aggressiveness is a behavior extremely spread out, and therefore deeply inquietante. For many the trend for the aggression consolidates in the deepest layers of the mind, constituting an essential determination to the proper nature of the human being. The severity, nothing if could make against it, not to be reprimiz it. Would be correct this thesis and would have to accept one such vision pessimistic? Or, for the opposite, the problem has been placed in missed way, being necessary to study the aggressiveness carefully, in order to find the instruments to surpass it? If we will be made use to control the aggressiveness, the first question that if imposes is to know if it is instinctive or results of frustrations. In other terms, they will have left themselves in peace and free of threats, the men will respect ones to the others? Or exists a spontaneous impulse for the aggressive behavior, that it needs to be controlled? Some scholars believe that the men are innately aggressive, and base its thesis showing the animal roots of the behavior human being. Others face this thesis as only one new roupagem of the innate depravation of the man. For that if they oppose to the thesis of that the aggressiveness is innate, this idea does not have scientific bedding, therefore it is based on illegitimate extrapolao of the animal behavior for the human behavior. While the first one is basically instinctive, as it is almost all learned.

Innumerable psychologists and sociologists, over all of the chain led for J. Dollard, believe that the faith in the infinite malleability of the man constitutes one estimated basic one for the teorizao. For they, are scientifically inadequate to describe the aggressiveness human being in the used terms to describe the behavior of the animals. The aggressiveness human being is more complex of what of the animals, and is necessary to consider the multiple facetas of the problem to understand it correctly.