Posted by Carlota on October 17, 2018
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The example of this, can be evidenced disponibilizao of opening proposals and chances in companies in the sites of personal relationship, made for the proper controlling of human resources of the companies or for average small partners of companies who follow the trend of virtualizao through the Internet of the conscription process and election. The imperfections in the conscription process and election can finish resulting in admitted people that they do not play the tasks well that are trusted to them, and in some sectors the staff rotation reaches unacceptable levels, what it generates cost and loss of time for the organizations. When the charged people of the election do not make use of relative knowledge technician the interview, tend on the basis of to contract its personal experience or in the proper same image that unconsciously. To use people without the required qualification cost much money to the organization. It can cause problems the production and the attendance, generate hostility on the part of the customers and suppliers, to favor interpersonal and intergrupais conflicts, what it finishes for increasing the staff rotation and generating other complications. To request of the customer the profile of the professionals who it wants to search, with the objective to know the description of the position of the opened vacant in as: Position and function; Sector department; tasks to be executed; Degree of escolaridade; Time of experience; Wage band and benefits; Working hours. With sights in the profile of the candidate, to search the professional adequate using all the available resources, to elaborate attractive call however with clarity to attract only people who fill the requirements of the offered vacant, preventing of this form wastefulness of time when of the curricular analysis. Through announcements in periodicals and Internet. The main focus to initiate the conscription, will be a deep analysis in the received resumes in order to select in the profile of the candidates those that make use of a set of distinct abilities to act in the position disponibilizado for the customer, with effectiveness.