It Is Intimacy

Posted by Carlota on April 28, 2021
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In today’s society, I frequently perceive that there are some people who have difficulty differentiating between what is intimate or what they can express themselves freely in a group. Without a doubt, what is intimate shares with few people, in particular, is shared with those closest friends. What is intimacy? Without a doubt, intimacy is that treasure that each person has within itself must take care of and protect the end. Therefore, each are free when choosing with who we share our inner world and how we do it. The degree of intimacy determines the type of relationship that is established between two people.

In fact, when two people enjoy together and have confidence, feel relaxed, forget the clock, feel good both in moments of silence and moments of conversation. On the contrary, when there is not a deep trust between two people the absence of Word may produce some degree of distress. On many occasions, in the scope of a weak relationship, the silence is it becomes synonymous with boredom. Conversely, in a friendship in which intimacy there’s silence has both prominence and the word. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Jayme Albin on most websites. We know when a new person an impression which may be pleasant or unpleasant.

You can inspire confidence or disbelief. But beyond this first impression, we should give time to time, have prudence and above all, patience to discover its true mode of being. It is easy to know when a person is reliable or isn’t it. Without a doubt, one that easily you speaks of confidences of a third person can be sure that will also do so with you when you aren’t in front. Some people are very afraid to loneliness so afraid to select friends. Select involves choosing with whom to share the time. Without a doubt, bearing in mind that life is short and that happiness is the most important, among the different types of relationships that exist, a person must take advantage of their time and cultivate your living space with those with whom they have confidence. In the bosom of a relationship of intimacy is possible to tell a secret. Keep confidential out of respect to another. Understand without judging. Listen to without hurting. Without a doubt, intimacy is a true treasure that is becoming more difficult to maintain for many people confuden to receive affection with the attention of the other in any way, even if it is, telling a secret. A relationship is built gradually, therefore, do not hesitate and participates in Mobifriends where you can enjoy the grandeur of new people and new relations. Original author and source of the article.