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Posted by Carlota on March 1, 2014
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Information supplied by 'thematic groups' (eg, leadership quality / management positions, organizational skills, professional achievements) that is directly relevant to the job you want, dates are usually excluded to highlight your experience, not sequence of events. Recommend using this type of resume if: you have little to say about a previous job, and you are applying for the position of the series, you come back to this area of activity and area after a long break. Strictly chronological order of presentation of your experience will work against you if you have worked in different places, but this work does not reflect your career. Thus, summary functional type focuses on the achievements of your employment and you can hide the "hole" in your working life. However, one should consider the fact that many employers are so summary, with some suspicion. Of course, very important for the employer of your accomplishments and strengths, but they would like to see "the process of its development." Therefore, a functional resume is particularly needed in the cover letter. Summary A summary of the combined type of combined type, not only demonstrates your qualifications and achievements, but also allows you to get a clearer idea about the history of your working life. Usually consists of two parts: a description of the experience of 'thematic groups' and a short description in chronological order of experience, education, etc.; This summary allows you to highlight experiences that are directly relevant real positions and needs of the real employer.

Summary of the combined type is convenient when looking for work, if you are in one of the following categories: seek career change and want to emphasize their general training and qualification and not indicate any specific professional responsibilities which you had to deal with in previous jobs, you could not go through the initial screening stage with a summary chronological type, and you want to make it more "shock" you want to get a job at which you think you have done it, but your working life has little to do with this particular work. This type of resume will allow you from the start to draw your attention to your real achievement, as well as the skills and experience that you can offer. Summary of the combined type is fast gaining popularity and professional recruiters and applicants. Post your resume