Kopi Luwak

Posted by Carlota on June 17, 2021
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As a whole, an annual water demand is required from 1500 to 2000 mm. Coffee plants are less than the precipitation of less than 800 mm per year built in principle not in areas. Additionally irrigates is a rainfall of less than 1000 mm per year, which in turn for the wine-growing area entail adverse environmental consequences. Pesticides to poison the drinking water and soil erosion due to the clearing of forests for cultivation makes the area unusable. In addition, the Robusta coffee requires a much higher rainfall than Arabica coffee. There are different varieties of coffee beans. The most famous are the varieties of Arabica and Robusta, but also excelsa, stenophylla, Maragogype and Kopi Luwak pushing more and more in the market, where Kopi Luwak coffee in the world is considered de rteuerste. This is obtained from the excrement of civet cats, the so-called “Luwaks’.

They are based in Indonesia. After the Civets ate the beans, the coffee beans of a wet fermentation are subjected in the stomach of the Civet cat. Kulisek enzymes that have a positive influence on the taste of the bean. They lose their bitterness. After the beans are excreted, they collect locals, wash, Peel and roast them. A Europe of Kopi Luwak coffee is very difficult to get, usually it involves expensive fakes. Far-reaching negative environmental consequences caused by the cultivation of coffee and the necessary irrigation. Serious problems arise in the use of pesticides and deforestation.

Additional irrigation systems lead to serious problems, which destroy the natural balance. The coffee not only call well-known politicians now stricter laws to the cultivation of coffee when food is widely used, you can use it also as a budget. The coffee grounds is considered as a good cleaning agent for hands and kitchen utensils and skin peeling. Enema with coffee clean the colon, in addition coffee also helps in migraines and constipation. Further, you can use coffee grounds as odor neutralizer. A small bowl put coffee grounds into the car cut off all unwanted odors. Even clogged drains can be made freely again through the abrasive effect of the dregs. Coffee is an all-rounder: good for the soul, and also for many other problems. Before you must discard its grounds now next time you should be concerned, where it can still be used. You can use coffee grounds as a fertilizer. So closing the cycle of the ecosystem. Anna rich