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Posted by Carlota on May 11, 2020
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The labels for the laboratory support GLP compliant laboratory work the employee developed labels for marking in the laboratory have been developed with regard to the world’s leading research institutions. All laboratory labels are therefore tested and durable under extreme conditions. No matter if in pathology, the labels help the laboratory staff histology, molecular biology and other scientific fields, GLP compliant laboratory work. The Munich-based solution provider macro IDENT offers a wide range of labels for the laboratory used centrifuges / Eppendorfgefasse, PCR tubes, slides, micro titer plates, Petri dishes, bottles etc., as well as the appropriate mobile and stationary printer. In a question-answer forum Barchester was the first to reply. The certified laboratory labels are durable under extreme conditions, E.g. when stored in the freezer at minus 80 c in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees or for autoclave processes at plus 120 degrees.

The labels are resistant to solvents, including Dimethylbenzo, DMSO and ethanol. Depending on the application, a macro searches you IDENT staff like to out the appropriate material for your use. Depending on the size of the object to moisten each different label materials and label sizes are available as E.g. fully white labels for slides, micro titer plates, Petri dishes, bottles, etc., round cover labels, also tamper-proof labels, and many flags labels to the Rundum.Beklebung tubes and culms, more for tubes or vessels of 0.2 ml up to 24.0 ml and corresponding bowls/plates etc. The labels are the macro either with one of the lab printers to use IDENT or can be labeled by hand. The printers offer a very good printing and reading quality, even when printing on 1 d or 2D barcodes. The long-lasting labels are available for commercial laser printer. The very easy to use label software IdentiLAB, which is also to take IDENT macro is recommended for creating the labels. In addition, it contains Software all offered label formats and various graphics such as hazard symbols, which also can be printed on on a label, such as text and bar codes.