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Posted by Carlota on January 26, 2012
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Day after day, motorists in Moscow and other Russian cities have problems parking. Coming home or at work, you see that your habitual busy foreign car. Many state and commercial organizations that have their own parking lots, can not accommodate them at cars of the guests and customers due to the spontaneous parked vehicles. With the growing congestion and lack of proper the number of parking spaces, this problem was the chaotic pile of cars on sidewalks, in yards, parks and other pedestrian areas. This situation reduces the safety and convenience of pedestrian movement, spoils appearance of the city, but also makes it difficult to approach to shops, restaurants, offices, banks and entrances …

But there is an effective solution to parking and the appearance of the surrounding area. It is special equipment parking – parking columns and metal fences, which allow parking to streamline the process, not bothering with the lives of ordinary pedestrians. There is a wide range of modern equipment necessary for civilized parking: street fencing, pedestrian barriers, parking barriers, portable fencing, barrier fencing, signal poles, parking bars and sidewalk bars variety of modifications. Fencing posts and parking barriers – it is a cheap and effective way to organize parking space most rational way.