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Posted by Carlota on July 29, 2013
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However, becomes a problem when we try to clarify what is quality in university education, since the concept is generally ambiguous and equivocal. The emphasis today on quality, characteristic in the general field of education, manifests itself uniquely in the University sector where are projected, in addition, the trends that point to the control of economic enterprises. Indeed, during the last decade, concern for the evaluation of the quality of university education, constitutes an essential feature of higher education in the most developed countries. In Europe, the evaluation of the University Faculty (teaching and scientific productivity quality) is a widespread practice; and the tendency to converge with European and American trends in their concern for the quality of university education is sharply reflected in Latin America, in the multiplication of congresses and national and international meetings on the subject. Very interesting what brings Vegas, when it comes, that the current movement towards the elevation of the levels of quality of higher education proposes, firstly, an effort to clarifying the concept of quality and its implications. The first specific approach to quality education, as well as the permanent and traditional reference to a good education, a good curriculum or a good University, historically corresponds to the period of euphoria Planner and developmental, focused on the Decade of the sixties and the concept is used without clear theoretical connotations. The quality is attributed to the action of the qualitative factors, i.e., those elements that cannot be quantitatively expressed, or present serious difficulties to quantification. These elements are related to primarily with the processes that determine the so-called internal effectiveness of the system or the education quality (Diez Hochleitner, 1969;) Beeby, 1970). Remember us Vegas addition, which recently, under this item, quality as the internal efficiency of the systems and institutions of university education appears as a reaction to the lack of quantitative indicators of efficiency and productivity, and is linked with the characteristics considered qualitative, processes and products of the University.