Lavras Diamantinas

Posted by Carlota on November 3, 2013
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You cultivate them in its totality was territory of it and as such, all answered to it and they dealt to it with deference. A marcante fact in the first part of the romance, divided in four parts, is when Z de Peixoto, black that if said godson of the Colonel was drunk and defied openly the colonel, from there by ahead, the destination of the black is stamped. being this a man very feared by its badness, the people prenunciam its death after this heroic act of challenge. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Prudential. The men demonstrated to its power with weapons or acts of valentia, in the case of Z de Peixoto, although to have weapon in the hand simply he allowed that the colonel took off it the weapon and stepped on in its chest. Showing how much the power of one can subalternizar the other the point of the confrontation to leave to exist and as later the black he affirms: ' ' he was bbado' '.

Other personages if detach in the narrative, as Fil Finance whose dream is to bamburrar and to be rich, but that until then she continues taking the difficult life of goldwasher and, unhappyly, died without carrying through its dream. Silvrio, a man sertanejo that she was you cultivate it with intention to obtain money to buy a land piece and suffered great humilhaes in search from its dream. Among others that they possess the same dream is: Agenor Head-Dry, Joaquin Mouth-of-Virgin, Benedict Lasqueado, Seting Bodeiro, Tind, Juvenal Bosta-Fly, Peba and other more known by the nicknames that for the names, being in diverse positions as campagueiros, goldwashers, sales owners and that direct or indirectly they lived of the same dream: to enrich. All, of certain form have its stolen dignity or are deloused of it in the difficult process of survival of Lavras Diamantinas, therefore even though the names (nicknames) received are esteretipos that indicate a subalternidade condition.