Legal Forest Reserve

Posted by Carlota on October 2, 2016
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As if it sees Brazil is enters the countries of the world of bigger biological diversity and still it possesss the flora richest of the planet, then the man, when he practises the act to burn it would graze and the bushes, does not have conscience that this system took years to form that harmonious trinmio all that we know and that all the beings livings creature need to live as the ground, water and light, but for the apreciadores of the nature is an ecological sanctuary that, a preserved time, source of tourist exploration could be used as, permanent front of studies of the medicinal power of many natural grass renewed in a globalizado world. It is certain that the lack of an aiming technician> of ecological awareness in the exploration of our forest resources comes causing irreparable damages to the flora richest of the planet, where we find some of the main found vegetal formations in the Brazilian territory. Therefore, the fauna is the first one in numbers of terrestrial vertebrates, primate and fish of water candy. Species of great value are in ways of if to extinguish, as well as representatives of the fauna who depend on these species, also are condemned to disappear. In consequence of this, we perceive that the Forest Code establishes that all country property must have at least 20% of area covered for native vegetation, called Legal Forest Reserve, being forbidden the alteration of its destination, in the cases of transmission to any heading or deforestation of the area, but the majority of the properties already does not possess more native forests to be delimited as Legal reserve, was promulgated a complementary law of in the 8,171, of 18 of January of 1991, compelling these proprietors to reforest an area equivalent the 1/30 per year, until completing the demanded area of 20% of the property.