Lego Name

Posted by Carlota on May 21, 2021
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True, it should be noted that the proper agency neymingovoe Frenkel safely burned, after which were born of his book. In "Naming" Frenkel you will find no more secrets of the mastery, but simply a fascinating product. "Trademark: How to create a name that will bring millions of Henry Charmessona – is Naming-designed theory, confirmed by a number of real examples. The book gives specific methods of creating strong names, full of helpful tips and clarifies the meaning of some terms. "Brand" – is practical textbook naming.

But Charmesson warns: to become a professional Neymer, enough to know the "bare" technique to be highly educated, to understand the linguistic and marketing know languages, a sophisticated logic and creative thinking. "Brand" Charmessona very convincingly demonstrates how important and difficult is the naming and why for the good name of the company are ready to lay out hundreds of thousand dollars. The book by naming a famous French linguist and writer Bernard-Ghali Brand. Birth name. Encyclopedia was first published in Paris in 1997 and enjoyed great success.

It talked about the origins of more than six well-known brands: Cadbury, Danone, Knorr, Reebok, Scotch, Todd's, Coca-Cola, Lego, Volvo, Canon, Sony and many others. These names of famous brands alike are written, it seems pronounced in all languages and have the same meaning. Many of them have already become a household word, that is the ultimate dream of every name, claiming the title of a successful brand. Bernard Ghali, in his study clearly illustrates the following fact: the successful naming can bring millions of owners, while as an unfortunate brand often leads to market failure.