Less Effort For Greater Efficiency With The Right Shipping Solution

Posted by Carlota on April 6, 2019
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The IPilum shop system now also has an interface to DHL IntrShip who can send much goods as traders, needs a shipping solution that is easy and takes little time. For the shop system of the IT service provider IPilum offers about recently a solution that saves users much work the DHL IntrShip interface. DHL IntrShip is the shipping solution with many opportunities for the domestic and international shipping and is suitable for merchants who send at least 300 shows per year. You can sit back and relax now, because their goods are shipped directly from the IPilum shop system. In the Ipilum shop system can be marked with a minimum of effort to send all orders to be shipped and delivered the jobs at DHL.

Shipping labels are generated automatically with all the necessary information and need only be printed out. It’s not easier! A track and trace the shipment tracking link is buyer also available, thus be informed about the shipment status. As a special extra, the Ipilum shop system to match the shipment status of the orders and offers clarity further functions, such as E.g. the sending of emails that can be triggered when a shipment status is reached. Signing up for DHL IntrShip is by the way, with just a few clicks from and is very easy and free of charge.

As soon as access data for the interface are available and have been stored in the shop system, it can even go. An elaborate Setup is not necessary. For more information about IPilum and to the IPilum shop system with additional interfaces can be on. “IPilum” was established in the year 2000 and offers individual solutions tailored to the customer in addition to the shop system.